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Join the Rigorous and Creative Blend of Business and Engineering

Join the Rigorous and Creative Blend of Business and Engineering

Technical education is at a crossroads. The knowledge sector today expects its graduates to have an inherent capability for liberal arts, a creative attitude, ethical concerns, life values, and sustainability in addition to fundamental computer science disciplines. Knowledge is no longer limited to a single topic; it is expanding and becoming multidisciplinary. TCS, India's leading IT Service and Consulting Company, in collaboration with a few of the country's top engineering institutes, is offering a four-year specialized B. Tech course titled "Computer Science and Business Systems" (CSBS) to meet the growing demand for engineering talent with technological skills. This cutting-edge course aims to provide students with an industry-ready understanding of cutting-edge technology and business skills via hands-on experience.


Emerging technologies like as cyber security, machine learning, cloud computing, IoT, and others must be included in the curriculum to prepare students for the future. In the future years, the number of digital gadgets and information services available to households, organizations, institutions, and individuals will skyrocket. In addition, we will see deeper intellectual collaborations between computer science and engineering and other fields ranging from astrophysics to zoology, with sociology, psychology, and business acumen in between. Most fields, including computer science, will be transformed as a result, and the trip has already begun. According to a 2017 AICTE research, 60% of the 8 lac Indian engineers that graduate each year are jobless. According to the same survey, 39% of businesses experience the issue of obtaining excellent people, demonstrating the vast gap that exists between skills and employability.


Business Engineers are Catching up on the Norm

'Business engineers,' a breed of engineering talent geared to the requirements of the business, are the necessities of the era. Apart from understanding future technologies such as analytics, cognitive, and machine learning, these graduates must also comprehend business management ideas and have an 'innovation' attitude to be acknowledged as excellent personnel. In this environment, TCS Academic Interface Curriculum (AIP) took the initiative to establish a B. Tech program in 'Computer Science and Business Systems,' resulting in a program that would cover in four years what previous students spent six to seven years to master across two distinct degrees.


The four-year B.E./B.Tech program has already begun in the academic year 2018-19 at three respected institutes across India (one each from the East, West, and South). Students have already enrolled, and TCS has prepared the faculty to begin the curriculum. It's encouraging that B.Tech in Computer Science and Business System (CSBS) has been authorized by AICTE and is now accessible at a handful of the country's premier institutes.TCS, in collaboration with renowned engineering colleges in India, is attempting to assist students to get a fundamental grasp of contemporary technology and technology abstraction, as well as awareness of basic business principles and discipline, through this program. The curricular concepts of Design Thinking, Value Science, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship will be extremely beneficial to overall student growth. 


The labor transformation has begun with a "Default is Digital" mentality and plan! Best wishes to the striving future workers! The Computer Science with Business Applications major is intended to give students a comprehensive grounding in science and humanities as well as a grasp of fundamental computing principles and contemporary computer technology. It trains students to operate professionally with computer systems and in commercial settings. In the era of Business 4.0, this course will develop industry-ready and employable engineers who can drive innovation and provide value to their organizations as well as the nation. Students may be placed in both product-based and service-based firms. Students can pursue careers in the government and private sectors, banks and health insurance, manufacturing, finance, business analysis, and marketing.


Developed by a worldwide leader and collaborated with TCS and SIRT with a strong business and academic presence, this program offers significant industry-related disciplines. The cognitive goals of this course are to improve design thinking, critical thinking, and business management. This initiative aims to deliver greater job possibilities to the people of the city of Lakes. Join the Sagar Institute of Research and Technology in Bhopal and pursue a satisfying career in the industry 4.0-focused Computer Science and Business Systems program.

Join the Rigorous and Creative Blend of Business and Engineering

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