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Direct Admission in Engineering Colleges: Everything You Need to Know

Direct Admission in Engineering Colleges: Everything You Need to Know

Many maths students who freshly walked out of school and want to choose the path of direct admission in engineering are in a cohort of confused states about which colleges they can opt for their future studies.

If you are frightened that you will not be able to clear the engineering exams search for the engineering colleges that will provide you a direct admission. So, you are at the right place.

Here we can dig deep into the eligibility criteria, college admission process, and common mistakes to avoid when applying for direct admission.


What is Direct Admission?

Many students dreamt of studying in India’s top engineering colleges they worked hard for it and get entrance into it through their passion and dedication. But there are others who are unable to clear the entrance exams. You don’t have to get disheartened and there are so many other elite private colleges and deemed universities in India that are giving direct admission to students through management quota.


What are the eligibility Criteria for Direct Admission into Engineering Colleges?

You are excited and yet curious to know how to get direct admission into engineering colleges. There are certain eligibility requirements you have to fulfill to enter into the college.


These are the eligibility criteria -:

●    You must have Indian citizenship to get admission into the college

●     As a candidate, you must have to score 45% marks in 10+2 exams.

●    A reserve category student should provide additional documents to get direct admission into engineering colleges.

●    Candidates should submit the required academic documents along with other documents as required by the colleges


Admission Procedure for Direct Admission into the Engineering Colleges


For candidates looking for a direct way to get admission into the engineering college, you have to follow some procedures -

●    As a candidate, you have to visit the college campus, where you want to get direct admission.

●    Candidates must collect the admission form from the administrative office of the colleges.

●    You can opt for the online route for admission by visiting the website portal and downloading the admission forms.

●    After filling out the admission form you can submit the scanned copy of other required documents.

●    For offline you have to visit the admission block of the college and submit the documents.

●    Your selection is based on the marks you have achieved in the 12th class.

●    If you are selected for an engineering college institution you will get a call from their admission cell department.


The necessary documents that are required are -:

●    Passport size photograph

●    Aadhar card or any other valid Id proof

●    Transfer certificate

●    Caste certificate

●    Other relevant documents


Why Direct Admission Procedures for Engineering are Beneficial for Students?


Many students are unable to crack the top engineering entrance exams in India. For them, the direct admission procedure in India’s top engineering college is the best option. Many elite engineering colleges in India provide direct admission.


Perks for Students to Get Direct Admission to Engineering College


In India, many parents force their kids to crack engineering exams to get admission into the top premier institutes. But by hook and crook, if you are unable to crack the exam, you don’t have to worry about it.

There are many benefits –

1.    Direct admission provides you with lots of benefits first and foremost important thing is that you have the freedom to choose your choice of stream in engineering. Because in govt. entrance exams people with low ranking are unable to get their choice of streams.


2.    You don’t have to take a drop and waste your precious year. By taking direct admission into the best engineering college, you can ace in your life and career. You can seek a good job early on time.


3.    Another perk is if you are financially well off you have a choice to study in India’s elite engineering colleges with the best faculty always on your support and the most important thing is the return on investment after completing your engineering, which is more than the amount you have invested in your studies.


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for Direct Admission to an Engineering College


There are lots of students who after clearing the 12th exams are wandering like nomads and don’t know what they want to do for graduation. During the admission process, they do a lot of mistakes, some of which are very common -: 


1). A little plan or no plan at all -

 Many students are just moving in a directionless way, they don't know what they want to achieve in this world. It is like they are driving a car but they have no idea about the destination.
And after the 12th they don't know which engineering college is best for them and in which stream they are interested. They enter into engineering college with no aim and left the college either jobless or with a minimum package in their hand. Please avoid that mistake during the initial year of your engineering college, so you can save the rest of your life from guilt and agony.


2). Choose the right mentor -

The right mentor always paves the path of success for you. It is always a must that you should choose the best mentor. Mentors could be anyone from your family or from your relatives. If you are not sure about it then you can take the help of your career counselor. Career counselor guides you according to your interest and which career is best for you and which are not.


3) Showing carelessness when filling out the form -

As elders say “One wrong move can sabotage the entire life”. The same goes for you when you are filling out the engineering college form you should fill up all your details carefully. One mistake in your documents and you can out of the field. It is essential that you must avoid single mistakes in your documents. Another thing is that you should avoid getting admission into a single college. The best thing you can apply to multiple colleges, so you can avoid future panic conditions.


4) Effective Planning -

Effective planning is a key to success for your future growth. The first step to achieving success is to plan effectively what is your future measures and goals. If you are not a good planner, you will fall out of the race of life called success.


Take a pen and paper and note down -:

●    Choose the engineering stream according to your choice or interest

●    Check out the college where your Return on investment is more than the money you want to invest during your college time

●    Check the faculties, which are important to your future growth

●    Calculate effectively about the placement companies that approach your choice of college

It’ll help you to clear out your mind and choose your college and engineering stream wisely.


SIRT Best Engineering College in Bhopal for Future Techies -


SIRT's Best Engineering College in Bhopal. It is an ace college than the other colleges in Bhopal. It is affiliated with RGPV University. The vast campus is spread around 25 acres and is based on the Vaastu principle. SIRT always caters to students' needs and provides them with the best academics, best infrastructure, R&D projects, and best architecture in Bhopal with rich collections of books and international journals in the library.


Why Choose US -

SIRT is one of the best engineering colleges. It provides high-class education with eminent professors in each stream of engineering. The main center of attraction is the central library where you have a labyrinth of books and international journals on various topics that you don’t have to go anywhere else.

It has an Entrepreneurship development cell and the Institution’s Innovation Council that supports innovative, entrepreneurial thinker students. The main focus of both the council is to support and nurture the start-up system among young achievers. 


Courses Structure - 

SIRT is known in Bhopal to provide the best education system. It has multitudes of courses in the undergraduate regime of engineering.


Check out the courses below -


Course Name Brief Description
Computer Science Engineering B. Tech in the computer science department has professional societies like CSM, ACM, and IEEE to help the students to inculcate excellent knowledge within them.
Computer Science & Information Technology The course provides specialization in database development and administration, information systems security, network administration and management, multimedia, and web development.
Electronic & Communication Engineering B.Tech in electronics & provides an interdisciplinary approach to R&D, analysis & designing. Application-oriented problems in EC.
Applied Sciences The course provides experimental and theoretical knowledge in Chemistry, physics, mathematics, and communication skills.
Mechanical Engineering The department's teaching motto is “Do, Observe, Think, and Plan. We teach students through an innovative approach of experience learning.
Civil Engineering Basic knowledge is essential but here you can equip yourself with advanced and latest development in civil engineering.
Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EX)  The course enhances students’ abilities to understand the advances in electronic engineering.
CS- Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Our course provides basic as well as advanced knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve major business problems such as advanced trend analysis, generative business intelligence, digital automation, and smart manufacturing.
Computer Science & Cyber Security Engineering Our courses incorporate the latest knowledge of the cyber security field and promote its ethical use it.
Computer Science and Business System It is an interdisciplinary course that provides Business solutions through the use of advanced programming languages.





SIRT Top Class Placement Offers are -:

As a premier college in Bhopal SIRT never lags in providing the top placement offers to its students. Many students are placed in top IT companies with high packages.
The highest package the student grabs around is 27 lac and the minimum package is 3.4 lac.


Lists of the companies that arrived on the campus for recruitment -:

Top Companies Other Companies
BYJU'S Asahi India Glass
Zensar Tally Solutions
TCS Paktolus Solutions
Hexaware Open Silicon
Wipro MAQ Software
CALSOFT Global Logic
Amazon Dyson
Adani Indian Valley Partners
HCL Arditech
Collabera Landmark Group
Infosys Acadecraft
JUST DIAL Caliber Technologies
Jaro Education Adani Energy Business
Value Labs Amplus Technology
Juspay Toppr
IBM Madhus Garage
India Mart Apisero
Juspay VIT Infotech
Paypal Extramarks
White Hat junior Rang Technology
Property Pistol NGRT System
Polycab Wires ISC Software
Urban Pro Yash Technologies
Mindtree Paktolus Solutions


Apply Now:


FAQs -

Q. Can I Get Direct Admission Without JEE Entrance Exams?

Ans. You can get direct admission without JEE entrance exams in India’s top private colleges and in many deemed universities. Through the management quota gateway, you can get direct admission into the colleges. Although your 12th marks are also important for the admission procedure.


Q. Can I get direct Admission to B.Tech?

Ans. Yes, there are many colleges in India, which provide admission via that gateway into the engineering college.
SIRT in Bhopal also provides admission through management quota.  
SIRT College Bhopal has eminent class faculties who are equipped with advanced knowledge and the latest technologies to provide the best knowledge to students.


Q. I want to know the Return on Investment after completing the B.Tech from the SIRT.

Ans. SIRT never fails its students in terms of campus placements, many students are placed in India’s Hi-Tech companies.
The highest package one student got was 30 lacs.
The top companies who visit the campus for recruitment are -:  IBM, Cognizant, HCL, Amazon, Net link, Zensar, Wipro, HSBC, and many others in the list.


Q. What are the deadlines for admission into in SIRT College?

Ans. In SIRT college Bhopal deadlines are 15th September 2023.


Q. What is the eligibility for B.Tech admissions?

Ans. Candidates must pass their 10+2 standard qualifying examination with either PCM or PCB to be eligible for admission into the B.Tech program.

Q. Can I get direct admission to SIRT Bhopal?

A. Yes, you can potentially get direct admission to SIRT Bhopal through the JEE Main exam, as well as based on your 10+2 merit via the Department of Technical Education (DTE) and college-level counseling. SIRT offers direct admission to eligible candidates through its college-level counseling (CLC) process, which is conducted according to the guidelines provided by DTE, Madhya Pradesh. 

Direct Admission in Engineering Colleges: Everything You Need to Know

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