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Why Should to Learn Python

Why Should to Learn Python

Python is a high level, object oriented scripting programming language. It is developed or invented by Guido van Rossum, in 1991. Now a day’s its popularity increased day by day. 

The cause of its popularity is to learn and to code is very easy. Today’s latest technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science uses python very fast. 

People like this language because its syntax of coding is very short like other language curly braces, semicolons and punctuation not used in this language. Coding is very easy and understandable in python.

History of Python 

When I heard first time this programming language name then its seems very weird because why this language name kept on snake name then when I came to know reason/history behind this then in place of snake, a circus came in front of me. 

In 1970s,one popular comedy show came in BCC channel which name is ‘Monty python’s flying circus’ and python programming creator Guido van Rossum likes this TV show very much. When he invented new programming language then he named his favorites show name PYTHON.

Why Should we have to learn Python 

We are living in technical and technological era and job related course is data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, which has highly demand in market. For this python is best programming language to learn because data analysis, artificial intelligence uses python coding. Now a day’s all big MNC companies use python in their projects. 

Python is a one of the best beginner friendly language. That’s why no need to learn any programming language before to learn python. 

After learn python developers open his careers on different job field some of which is given below: -

  • Web development
  • Desktop Application
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine language
  • Game development
  • Automated Jobs.


Prof. Rupal Shukla
Assistant Professor
Department of MCA, SIRT, Bhopal

Why Should to Learn Python

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