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Importance of Software Testing

Importance of Software Testing

Testing is a very important process of each and every software companies. Before talking about software testing, first we should have to discuss some myth related to testing. Some computer engineers thought that people who have good knowledge about in coding only they can work in a good project but it’s just opposite, testing is as important as coding. Some computer engineer thought that people whose coding is not good, they can choose testing as a career but it is just a myth like, people who knows testing concepts only they can do testing in software companies. 

In software companies, programming and testing parallel works. According to SDLC, testing phase comes after implementation/coding but real testing is started from first requirement phase. If requirements document (SRS and BRS) is not correct then all stage design, analysis, implementation will be affected. 

What is Software Testing? 

It is a process to find out error or bugs in a software. The job of the tester is not only to find error but also to correct that error from the developers. 

Scope of the Testing 

In recent time, testing is seen as a good profession career for many computer engineers. From being a test engineer one can grow to become a senior test engineer from a test leader to a test manager. The growth prospects in the software testing domain are tremendous. 

Tester should have good knowledge about domain also. There are two types of software testing. 

1) Manual testing.

2) Automation testing. 

Tester who have not good knowledge about in coding so they can start their career with manual testing but tester who have great knowledge about in coding then they should have start their career with automation testing. 

After completing their college life there are lot of questions in fresher mind that how to crack interview? How to start career in software companies so only answer is – if you see your career as a software testing then, do certification course then you can crack interview very easily. Students who have already cracked interview then after 3-6 month completion their training period’s project manager will decide that how many engineers will develop software and how many engineers will do testing. From fresher point of views, developer and tester package will be same.


Prof. Rupal Shukla
Assistant Professor
Department of MCA, SIRT, Bhopal

Importance of Software Testing

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