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Aims and objectives


 “To Provide Future ready solutions to Academia and Industry using present resources optimally and applying past learnings meticulously”


To become a Consultancy Center for providing tailor made solutions to the clients by optimally utilizing resources • To develop into a self-sustainable model for Consultancy services with an aim to continuously enrich the resources • To provide a holistic environment for the students to inculcate the experiential learning and skill development by exposure to consultancy work.

Core Values –

  • Inspiring Knowledge to nurture Learning
  • Solution Focused Approach
  • High Ethical working
  • Excellence at par
  • Optimum utilization of the resources
  • Competitive yet complimenting services

Our Sevices

Industrial Consultancy Projects

Under this head, specifically the industrial problems related to the core competency areas available with the group would be handled. The proposed work of the consultancy once received will follow the due course of process before execution. The proposals will be invited/ accepted from industries depending on the know-how of the expertise, infrastructural facilities and the financial implications of the group/ institution. These industrial projects will of course strengthen the existing system of expertise available, fortify laboratory set up and also provide the budding minds of students to work on the real time industrial problems and possible solutions that might help them to get a better career. The institute can pursue the terms related to the generation of the IPR during the project execution as per the IP policy of the SIRT or Client (Industry) on mutually agreeable terms.

Academic Consultancy Projects

The Academic Consultancy Project encompasses only those work that are academic in nature and specific programs can be offered to Industries, Organizations or individuals. Under this, it is purported that the resources (Expertise and Infrastructure) available at the SIRT be made available the Clients and customized programs be offered whose nature can be the following but not limited to:

  • Short Term Training Programs
  • Long Term Training Programs
  • Dissertation Work (PG & PhD)
  • Certification Courses
  • Skill Development Programs
  • Workshops
  • New Startup Guidance
  • Turn-key Projects
  • Testing & Analytical Services


Electronics and Communication Engineering  

  • Training on software’s
  • Design and simulation of circuits
  • Industrial Problem solving

Electrical Engineering  

  • Testing of Solar panels
  • Modeling & Simulation of Electrical Circuits
  • Fault analysis of transformer failure
  • Root cause analysis of failure of electrical equipments
  • Testing of transformer
  • Switch gear testing
  • Design and Simulation
  • Energy audit
  • Efficiency analysis of generating utilities
  • On grid & off grid testing of solar energy


Information Technology and Computer Science

  • E-Commerce

        o Online Fee payments System, etc.

  • E-Marketing

        o Digital Marketing

        o Social Media Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Vulnerability Analysis and Auditing
  • Design and Deployment of Computer Network and Services

         o Website Development

  • Tools and Training
  • Android Application Development
  • Web Hosting Services

Mechanical Engineering  


Knowledge based Consultancy

  • Quality control services of logistics
  • Policy planning & analysis
  • Industrial engineering (Technical)
  • Component Analysis

Bio diesel- Designing and Production


Civil Engineering, Environmental & Infrastructure

Test on Highway Materials.

  • Flash and fire point of bitumen.
  • Viscosity test of bitumen.
  • Consistency test of bitumen
  • Ductility test of bitumen

Material testing

Compressive strength, water absorption and Efflorescence of bricks.

  • Tensile strength, percentage elongation and other properties of mild and TOR Steel
  • Fineness modulus, Crushing and impact values,
  • Flakiness and elongation index, abrasion and
  • water absorption of coarse aggregate.

Soil Investigation

  • Index Properties, grain size distribution, standard and modified compaction characteristics.
  • Shear strength parameters
  • Bearing capacity using Triaxial test

Water Quality Analysis.

  • General drinking water quality parameters.
  • Design of water supply and sanitary system
  • Villages and towns.
  • Rain water harvesting analysis and design.


  • a) Planning and Layout.
  • Quality Control.
  • Estimation Costing and Valuation.

Business and Management


  • Analyzing the viability of New Projects and Existing Projects
  • Cost Volume Profit Analysis of Firms
  • Sources of Finance
  • Cash and Inventory Management & funding of Working Capital
  • Interpretation of Financial Statements



  • Develop Strategy to increase market share – Branding, Elements of the existing products/ services.
  • Study potential of a new product idea& Market Research
  • Evaluate performance of new product in a given market
  • Advertising using Social Media
  • Training of sales professionals


Human Resource Management

  • Retention strategies
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Measure & evaluate performance of employees
  • Motivating  Employees at all levels
  • Training and Development of Employees


General  Management (getting better with self)

  • Self, Career and Ambition Analysis
  • Lifestyle and wellness Program
  • Building Better Relationships
  • Developing CSR& Environmental  policies of the Organizations
  • Assisting the organizations to executive their CSR activities.






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