NBA Accreditation
  • Why should I choose SIRT?

    I choose SIRT because of its campus environment, academic and renowned & learned faculty members. It is the perfect blend of fun & studies where apart from academics, a proper attention is given on the overall development of the students by giving them exposure of outside world with the help of live projects & other extra-curricular activities.

  • What is SGI & how many colleges are there in SGI?

    SGI is group of institutions in which 3 colleges are running SIRT, SIRTE and SIRTSP.

  • It is same as Agarwal group of companies?

    It is actually the sister concern of Agarwal Group of companies.

  • What is SAGE?

    SAGE is university established in Indore by Agarwal group of companies.

  • How is the bus facility to reach Bhopal and adjacent areas by Bhopal?

    There are buses available for students which covers various routes of Bhopal and adjacent area of Bhopal.

  • What are the normal college hours of SIRT?

    The college is running in two shifts for Ist year & IInd year students. The first shift is from 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM & second shift is from 10:10 AM – 4:40 PM.

  • Is there any Dress code?

    Yes, the students have to wear proper uniform.

  • Engineering from which branch is best now-a-days?

    Every branch of engineering is good enough but it depends on the individual’s interest area in which he/she wants to excel his career.

  • Is CS better than IT?

    There is a misconception among the students that CS has wide scope that IT. In fact both have equal scope and students from both branches are equally employees in the IT and Software industries. Like when it comes to the specific technology and task needed to solve problems, the computer scientific design the tools and the information systems professionals then apply the tools.

  • What is the placement scenario of SIRT?

    The placement scenario of SIRT is very good. Our close relationship with the industry brings some of the best recruitment for campus interviews which include reported names like EDS, Wipro, Satyam, TCS, HDFC, Cipla and other national & multinational corporations.

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