NBA Accreditation

Departmental Facilities


Power Electronics 
Electrical Drive 
Network Analysis
Power System Lab
Major Project Lab
Control System
Ele.W/S Lab
Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments
Machine Lab
Software lab
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Smart Class Rooms


There is an adequate number of smart classrooms in the department. Smart classrooms are accomplished with new technologies such as LCD Projectors and other complimentary teaching aids. It is well ventilated for better air circulation & temperature regulation. It effectively utilizes the natural light for illumination.

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Department Library

The Department library has a strong collection of textbooks with over two hundreds of titles on a variety of topics. Library also possesses journals, magazines, project and seminar reports, lab manuals and question banks and CDs of e-journals and e-books. The students are allotted a special hours in a week wherein, they sit in the library and read the topics of their requirements interestingly.

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Live Projects

We provide various facilities to make live projects so that our students can excel in their respective fields and get practical exposures. There is a complete in house set of facilities in the form of additional components, apparatus, training models and teachers’ assistance to achieve this task. This practice raises the confidence of the students’ and also has them to pursue higher education become enterprenure, get placed in good companies and appeared boldly before society.

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Personal Contact with Students

In our institute, we focus on the personal bonding of teacher and students. For this purpose we have teacher guardian system in our institute through which student s are free to discuss their issuess with their TG’s and TG’s can also give various information to their students. In free hours faculty members focus on every single student in all aspects. Sometimes, in different teaching classes students left with few doubts, we have kept a provision that such students can contact related faculty members and solve their problems.

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