NBA Accreditation

BOOKS 2022

  1. Dr.UdayPanwar book chapter entitled, "Variants based Gate Modification (VGM) technique for reducing leakage power and short channel effect in DSM circuits", is accepted for Book, “Advance MOS Devices and Its Circuit Applications" by Taylor & Francis, 2022
  2. Prof. Keshav Mishra, Prof. Nitesh Kumar published book chapter entitled “Self-Employment in Computer and Electronics Engineering” by The Institute Of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers Bhopal Centre, Bhopal (India), Institution Of Engineers Gwalior Centre, Gwalior (India), 2022
  3. Dr.Mehajbeen Fatima published a bookentitled“AODV and ZRP analysis for congestion control in MANET” by Kindle publication2022.

BOOKS 2021

  1. Dr. ShaliniSahay published a book entitled“ Technique for segmentation of Blur Images” by LAMBERT Academic publishing2021.
  2. Dr.Mehajbeen Fatima published a book chapter entitled “Heterogeneous Ad hoc Network Management: An Overview “ in book Cloud Computing Enabled Big-Data Analytics in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks, 2021.
  3. Dr.NavneetKaur,Dr.ShaliniSahay, Dr.Shruti Dixit, a book chapter entitled“ Impact and Challenges of Computation Intelligence”, in book Software Engineering, by Apple Acad. Press , CRC Press, Taylor &Fransis Group, 2021.
  4. Dr.ShaliniSahay published a book entitled“Computer aided Interpretation of ECG Signal - A challenge” by Medical Imagine & Health InformationScrivener Pub., Wiley2021.
  5. Dr.Mehajbeen Fatima published a book entitled“Overview of Resource Management by Wireless Adhoc Network  Wiley Pub.2021.

BOOKS 2020

  1. Dr.Jyoti Jain published a book entitled “Soil Nutrition Analysis Using Hart Protocol In Internet Of Things” by Lambert Academic Publishing, 2020.
  2. Prof. Navneet Kaur published a book entitled “Energy Consumption Optimization Using Clustering InManet” by Lambert Academic Publishing 2020.
  3. Prof. Shalini Sahay published a book entitled “An Improved Energy Efficient Distributed Clustering Protocol” Lambert Academic Publishing2020
  4. Prof. Shruti Dixit published a book entitled “Election Algorithm For Aodv Routing Protocol InManet” by Lambert Academic Publishing 2020.

BOOKS 2019

  1. Dr. MEHAJBEEN FATIMA   published a book entitled “Performance Parameter Optimization for Congestion control in MANET” by LAMBERT Academic publishing 2019.
  2. Dr. SANGEETA SHUKLA published a book entitled “Design of Compact H- Shape Microstrip Filter for Multiband Application” by LAMBERT Academic publishing   2019

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