NBA Accreditation

IPR 2023

Dr. Shubha Bhargava Published a copyright on “Lab Manual of Engineering Geology & Remote Sensing” Reg. No. L-133875/2023

Prof Nirjhar Gupta Published a patent on Air Quality Monitoring Device Design No. 376649-001, 2023

IPR 2022

Prof Supriya Jain, Published a Copyright on “Course File on Fluid Mechanics” Reg. No. L-110740/2022

IPR 2021

Prof Nirjhar Gupta, Published a Patent on Garbage Collector, Design No. 346516-001, 2021

Prof.  Hridayesh Varma, Published a Copyright on Hybrid Model- A Case Study, Reg. No.  L-109966/2021

IPR 2020

Prof Nirjhar Gupta, Published a Patent on Coin sorter, Design No. 334412-001, 2020

Prof.  Hridayesh Varma, Published First U. S. Copyright on “Course file of Strength of Materials” Reg. No.   TXu 2-226 -101 ,2020 


Prof.  Deepshikha  Soni, Published a  Copyright on “Course file of Construction Materials” Reg. No. L-97888/2020


Prof Supriya Jain , Published a  Copyright on “Course File Water Resources Engineering”, Reg. No. L-95612/2020

Dr. Shubha Bhargava, Published a Copyright on Course file of Engineering Geology and Remote sensing, Reg. No.  L-95100/2020

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