NBA Accreditation

BOOKS 2023

  • Ms. Chetan Singh published a book “Text Transmission using Encryption & RGB Color Model” September 2023, ISBN: 978-620-6-78935-2, Lambert Academic Publishing
  • Mr. Vivek Rawat, Mr. Jayram Dwidedi published a book on “Beginning with Data Structure”, August 2023, ISBN: 978-620-6-68568-5, Lambert Academic Publishing

BOOKS 2022

  1. Dr.Jaideep patel Published a book chapter on “A review on Artificial Intelligence : A Modern  approach” July 2022 ISBN 978-93-94339-63-7 AGPH Books publishers volume  1
  2. Dr.Jaideep patel Published a book  on “Web Technology” July 2022 ISBN 978-93-94339-39-2 by AGPH Books publishers volume 1
  3. Mr. Vivek Rawat Published a book  on “Fundamental and Terminology of Computer” April 2022 ISBN 978-620-0-26625-5 by Lambart Publication volume 1

BOOKS 2021

  1. Dr.Neelesh Jain Published a book chapter on “Integrating Secured Crypto System with Cloud for Enhancing Cloud-Based Encrypted Data Sharing Services” june 2021 eBook ISBN 978-981-15-9774-9 LNNS, volume 164 Springer

BOOKS 2020

  1. Dr.Jaideep patel and Ms. Pratishtha Singh  Published a book  on “Cyber Security” July 2020 ISBN 978-93-89888-95-9 by Blue Rose Publishers Vol No 1

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