Rules & Regulations
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Rules & Regulations

Important Academic Rules & Regulations

  • All students are required to maintain minimum 75% attendance in classes.
  • Students should attend all tutorial classes of each subject as per curriculum and solve answers given by the teacher.
  • Submission of assignment after the completion of units is necessary.
  • Students must appear all unit tests for internal evaluation of respective subjects.
  • There are two mid semester examinations in each semester for undergraduate students. Students must have to appear in both the mid semester examinations and score according to passing criteria (40 % marks in each subjects).
  • Attending all lab classes, maintaining lab records, and completion of lab records are essential criteria for the students.
  • Sessional marks of the students are strictly based on regular attendance in classes,   performance of mid semester examinations, unit tests and attending and performance of lab classes.
  • Students must appear in all RGPV curriculum practical examinations.
  • Projects (minor/major in 6th & 8th Semester) submission under guidance of the instructor on time is necessary for students.
  • Maintaining discipline in classes, corridors, hostels, buses and in campus is must for each and every student.
  •  Take care of college properties will define the student’s belongingness in the college premises.
  • For any kind of problem, students will contact to Tutor Guardian, Dept, Hod and Director respectively.
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