Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Corporate social responsibility, often abbreviated "CSR," is a corporation's initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company's effects on environmental and social wellbeing. The term generally applies to efforts that go beyond what may be required by regulators or environmental protection groups.

CSR may also be referred to as "corporate citizenship" and can involve incurring short-term costs that do not provide an immediate financial benefit to the company but instead promote positive social and environmental change. This concept came into being when the large corporate thought of giving a part of their profits back to the society.

SGI has been involved with CSR activities since its inception. The students and faculties together have formed a CSR club which holds regular activities every Saturday. The CSR club members distribute food packets, old clothes etc to the underprivileged. They also hold small activities and awareness drives amongst them. Involving students as volunteers for such activities inculcates in them a sense of responsibility and sensitizes them to the less privileged. They also develop a habit of giving back to the society.

Our Chairman, Er. Sanjeev Agrawal along with Chairperson, Smt. Kiran Agrawal also extends patronage to Van Bandhu Parishad & extends services for One Teacher School or Ekal Vidyalaya in many villages. Here, the children of the village who do not go to any school or even those who go to other schools are given education support for three hours every day to reduce the drop-out rate in higher schools. They have adopted many villages for the education of destitute. They also encourage students to go for “Van Yatra” where they can get a chance to interact with the kids of Ekal Vidhyalaya and develop means to help them in many ways.

Our Additional Initiatives in CSR

Aasra Oldage Home
Ekjut Orphanage Home
Aanand Dham
Oldage Home
Single Schools

CSR Activities

  1. Quarterly/Weekly
    • Food Packets distribution
    • Clothes distribution
    • Stationery distribution
    • Sweets distribution
  2. Monthly
    • Wall Painting
    • Swach Bharat Abhiyan
    • Literacy Camp
    • Nukkad Natak
  3. Annual
    • Water Kiosk
    • Plantation
    • Blood Donation
    • Dental Care Camp
    • Eye Check-up Camp
    • Blanket Distribution
    • Health Awareness Camp