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Why Choose SIRT College for Engineering ?

Why Choose SIRT College for Engineering ?

 The Sagar Institute of Research & Technology (SIRT) is a group of educational institutes in Bhopal (M.P.) set up by the RGPV to produce high quality scientists, engineers and technologists. Designated as institutes of national importance, the SIRTian were set up to boost industrial development and manufacturing by creating an elite pool of engineering.

Sagar Institute of Research & Technology (SIRT), Bhopal was established in 2003 by Er. Sanjeev Agrawal under the banner of The SAGE. The SIRT Campus at Bhopal is spread over an area of approximately 50 acres. SIRT offers programmes in Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, and Diploma with NBA accreditation for many Engineering courses. It provides programmes in BE, M.Tech, MCA and MBA.


The Sagar Institute of Research & Technology is the top engineering colleges in Bhopal. It imparts premium education in Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, and Diploma. The field of technical education is filled with design, creativity, and innovations. We at Sagar Group, Bhopal, promote students to develop their real-life projects in order that they will learn and gain practical knowledge. Our students have achieved 50+ national level projects in a variety of courses. Our faculty members are highly skilled & specialized in their own area.

 By encouraging cross-disciplinary study, the faculty aims to provide an all-round education to ensure graduates have all they need to become a successful engineer. Qualified students come away with a grasp on lateral thinking, superb communication skills, a sense of professionalism, knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and more, and ready for their futures.

Campus Life

The Sagar Institute of Research & Technology, Bhopal also mentioned as Sagar Group of Institutions, could also be a gaggle of best engineering college in Bhopal. It has a stunning campus. The campus lifetime of SIRT students is extremely exciting. They have many activities & opportunities to entertain themselves alongside their academic curriculum. Campus life is extremely significant alongside the regular curriculum of study for the holistic development of scholars. Sagar Group, Bhopal takes all measures for the general premium development of its students. Here, students have numerous choices obtainable to them like recreational facilities, hobby clubs under SAC, sports facilities and cultural activities, etc.


SIRT Bhopal, engineering colleges in MP has taken all responsibilities of campus placements / recruitments of all students. Be it a scenario of top placement in computer engineering but we offer top engineering placements for all other branches including Information Technology, engineering, Electronics Engg, Electrical Engg, engineering , MBA, MCA & Diploma Engineering Programs. The Sagar Group of Institutions has always provides top placement in engineering college of Bhopal.

We build future.

  • The Training & Placement cell of SIRT College is committed to providing all possible assistance to the scholars in their efforts to seek out employment and internships.
  •  Training and Placement department is an integral a part of the institution.
  •  It coaches, develops, brushes and makes student ready for final Placement.
  •  Various industries EXPERTS and reputed firms for campus recruitment visits in different departments.
  •  The department coordinates with the company sector and provides well-developed infrastructure to facilitate the campus selection programs.
  •  The location department works alongside other departments as a team in molding the scholars to the wants of varied industries
  •  We arrange numerous campus drives throughout the year for placement of our students, differentiating us as Top Placement College in MP.

  SIRT surrounded by the best placement engineering colleges in Bhopal MP.            


Anti-Ragging Committee- This committee has been formed by Sagar Group of Institution with the target of preventing any act of ragging at the school. Incidents of ragging are often reported on to the members of the committee in confidence. This committee affirms to harshly penalize anyone found indulging in ragging.

Disciplinary Committee- This committee is reported to when any act of indiscipline is completed by any student. This committee takes necessary steps to make sure that the student doesn’t repeat the in-disciplinary act again.

Anti Harassment Women Committee- This committee works to stop any incident of harassment against women. They take strict action against the offenders. They work for the betterment of the situation of women in the society.

Library Committee- The Library committee of SIRT works for the maintenance and development of library. They are constantly working towards maintaining the standard of library services.

Quality Improvement Committee- This committee works towards the improvement of quality offered at SIRT. They make sure that the standard of services offered by the school is always top notch.

SC/ST Committee- This committee works for preventing the atrocities on the SC/ST community of Sagar Group of Institution. They work to ensure that the SC/ST community enjoys equal rights as other communities at SIRT.

Artificial Intelligence Group- This group is for all those people that like to explore the planet of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Neural Network. The members of this group shall share their knowledge, experience and thoughts about AI/ML/DL through this Group.

Hackathon Club- This club organizes hackathons which are competitive coding events to promote the culture of competitive coding among the students.

Quest Nature Club- This club was established in 2003 by teachers and students of SIRT to function a platform for dissemination of knowledge on environmental issues and to boost general awareness. SIRT is registered with the World Wide Fund for Nature – India. The club members are working to their utmost to urge themselves also as society informed of environmental issues.

Photography Club- This club of SIRT handles all the photography related duties at the events of SIRT. As a group, this club constantly strives to be better at capturing life as we all know it, in their frame.

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Prof. Vinita Saxena,
Applied Science,  SIRT-E, Bhopal

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