Student Felicitation
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Student Felicitation

Student Felicitation

Students of SGI are awarded in many times. Regular attendance is a common criteria, as well as best performance, to become a pointer in semester examination, regular good academic record, for chancellor award in RGPV; students are awarded in different purpose.

Student Performance Award in cultural programs
"Students of any semester scored a SGPA are awarded. Students scored highest marks in RGPV examination are awarded with chancellor award and taken the prize from governor of Madhya Pradesh. Students performing excellent all over the year in Unit Tests, Mid Semester Examination, PUT Examination and submitted arrangements in proper time are also awarded for motivation and much better performance in future. "

Awards on semester performance
" Students of each semester whose performance is significantly high in RGPV exams are awarded in our education group. This not only motivated the students but all the same creates a very healthy atmosphere of education & competition therein. These awards help them in the placement drive when they reach in final year. "

Awards on 100% Attendance
"Students of each semester given 100% attendance in all theory and practical classes are given 100% attendance award. To create example for the other students, students are motivated for better performance in Semester examination. To learn with all practicability, and theory assignments student become expert and perform well in the examination. "

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