Need of Communication Skills for Engineers to be Successful in Their Jobs

Need of Communication Skills for Engineers to be Successful in Their Jobs

Effective communication skill is an important lifeskill that is required not only in one’sprofessional career and academic but also in one’s personal career. The engineering profession is extremely back on communication skills. Engineers must be able to express their designs and ideas clearly and succinctly to their co-workers, seniors, clients, subordinates, and supervisors. Technical communication is a type of communicationthat is more specific and has a specific purpose with a distinct audience.

 There are various kinds of communication models among which Shannon-Weaver’smodel (a mathematical theory of communication that argues that human communication can be broken down into 6 key concepts: sender, encoder, channel, noise, decoder, and receiver.)is easily comprehendible to each and every one. Shannon-Weaver’smodel is specially designed to develop effective communication between the sender and receiver. It also finds factors that are affecting the communication process which is term as“Noise”. Firstly, it was developed to improve Technical Communication skills. Later it is widely implemented in the field of Communication. This model deals with various concepts likeencoding and decoding, transmitter, Noise, message, receiver, channel, Information source, information destination.

 The layout and format of communications for engineers can different,from credit letters to debitfrom order letters to letters of inquiry, from official technical memos to analytical reports, from manualsto power-point presentations. If a person has sound knowledge of technical communication skills, he/she can utilizevarious visual aids like drawings,charts,tables, photographs, graphs,maps, anddiagrams in their reports and presentations.


 Engineering students have to face the actual challenge when they cross the boundaries of college and enter their professional life. In this process, they have to face various entrance tests and interviews. Oral communication or verbal ability plays a major rolein these tests. Without good communication skills, the students with engineering backgrounds find themselves almost vulnerable for such interviewsand tests.Thus,it becomes imperative for the students to be technically proficient in handling the language skills to become professionally successful.


Dr. Anukriti Sharma, Professor,

Applied Sciences,SIRT

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