Mechanical Engineering Is Omnipresent
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Mechanical Engineering Is Omnipresent

From the beginning Mechanical Engineering is recognized as Evergreen branch of Engineering. During earlier years when only few Core Branches of Engineering are in field to the recent trend of new emerging branches Mechanical Engineering kept its position intact.

Even now as Mechanical engineering having its collaboration with other new emerging technologies, its scope got new dimensions in multidisciplinary fields like Mechatronics, Robotics, Medical Sciences, Aerospace, Marine, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Construction Field & many more.

The very first invention which gives new boost to Civilization is INVENTION OF WHEEL after which thing started moving fast & taken a new pace is probably done by a Mechanical Engineer. Through that starting invention of Bullock Cart now we are in the age of Bullet Trains &Self-driving Electronic Vehicles controlled through Artificial Intelligence.

If we look around us starting from our home the thing, we use a small thing like a Needle to the biggest thing owned by us an Automobile Vehicle is manufactured in an Industry & certainly a Mechanical Engineer is involved in its existence.

Even as a Consumer we can count enormous number of products used in our Kitchen which are processed in one or other Industry and then through a channel came up to us as final product for use.

Most of the essential products for living in our homes are coming through any Industry or the tools used to create them useful for us are manufactured in any Mechanical Machine or Mechanical Industry in which a MECHANICAL ENGINEER is involved.

So, it’s rightly said Mechanical Engineering is the most EVERGREEN BRANCH of Engineering & its Omnipresent.

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