Present scenario is a time when the entire world is facing the challenges due to pandemic.Things have turned upside down and we don’t have any idea of its beginning as well as we can’t predict the future. In this advanced techno world everyone seems to be helpless. The best possible way is to follow lockdown as per need. But lockdown results in various practical problems to individuals who are already strapped into the battle of corona.

Corona positive and their family members are suffering mentally and physically which is resulting in lack of nutritious food sometimes they don’t even have energy to prepare and procure food. In such situation Mrs Kiran Agrawal - Chairperson of the #SAGE group and the founder member of the True Sage Foundation proved as a blessing in disguise.

She realized the struggle of the covid patient and their family members and started a drive “Food for Positive” under #TrueSageFoundation.Let me tell you True SAGE foundation is an organization which works under the umbrella of The#SAGE Group Bhopal where #SAGEians join their hands physically and emotionally to serve the community in all possible ways. When asked she replied that the pandemic of 2020-2021 has taught us the importance of being human; I am just forwarding the legacyof #ErSanjeevAgrawal chairman The#SAGE group andtrying to contribute my little bit to help the societyfight from Corona. I am lucky enough as I am having support from my daughters Ms. Shivani Agrawal ED The Sage & Ms. Sakshi Agarwal ED The Sage. When it comes to charity feeding the hungry is part of Indian culture which we followed in practical life.Cooking food and distributing meals for the needy is just one way of giving back to nature.TSF volunteers are preparing food packets in a very hygienic way keeping all the covid guidelines in mind. It includes dal chawal roti salad desert and butter milk.

Around 500 food packets are served daily in morning and 500 food packets during dinner time. MrsKiran Agrawal said, it is sad to find people struggling for their basic need of food during pandemic therefore it becomes our social responsibility to serve peoples in such crisis.If you live in Bhopal and are required to isolate, but don’t have the resources or someone at home to cook you a meal, we’ve extended our helping hands to all such people, please feel free to contact on 8770464893 & 9827223288 and we as SAGEian will be fortunate enough to serve you as a extended family.

                                                                                                     Dr. Smita Raj Jain, Prof. SIRT E