Er. Sanjeev Agarwal

    While working with an aim of achieving success, one needs passion, dedication and lots of determination. To accomplish the most difficult challenges one needs to put extra efforts, hard work, extra perseverance and concentration. One should also have patience and faith in themselves. The very determination, dedication and devotion help us to attain success and also add a new flavor to our lives. 
    I know one such leader with Positive attitude and clear frame of mind which determines and directs him and his family towards success. Yes he possesses the family of more than 3000 members. He is an Entrepreneur and treats his employees as his family. His name is Er. Sanjeev Agarwal, owner of #THESAGE group, one of the largest growing group in Central India. He realized that in this world CHANGE is inevitable and one should be ever ready to face such challenges with smile on their faces and fire in their heart. He believes that such challenges in personal and professional lives can be faced by pure with power and skills; we can create number of chances, circumstances and the desired atmosphere to achieve even the toughest of goals. Great minds have purposes, whereas others simply have wishes. He also believes in the fact that great minds rise above all and flight their way to victory. To attain one's desired goal, one have laught at their trouble and have to forget the pain. When one laugh at their own troubles, they will find it to be a mere bubble, which can be swiftly blown away.
    He is a holy person having faith in the almighty and it works like a miracle for him. It makes him travel beyond all the boundaries, transcends all limitations, conquers all obstacles and helps him to carries his vision along with his family members to the path of success attaining the required goal. 
    Only a person with faith blows away the word impossible from his dictionary and brings motivational words such as "#SageHaitoMumkinHai". These words invariably make everyone an optimist and drive them to do their part more efficiently. Some one has said: “Two men look out through the same bars: one sees the mud and the other sees the stars.” An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.  
    Words when used in form of slogans or proverbs create a magical strength that reinforces our company or our brand to work with full passion and zeal. These magical words act as a drive which leads one in his respective journey even if the conditions are adverse. And when words turned out as slogan they reflect the personality of a person and the quality of the brand. Effective and creative slogans can affect people’s mind and their approach towards the brand. The purpose of the business slogan is to expose the objective and merits of your company. Objectives can be attitude-based, emotional or patriotic. One’s objective makes a positive connect to their employees, students, clients and customers in a unique way. Such business slogans turn into an opportunity to outshine in this competitive world. I experienced the same, when I heard Er. Sanjeev Agarwal addresses his group meetings with the slogan “SageHaiTohMumkinHai” and surprisingly the strength of these words turned out to be the strength of the whole group. 
During the Pandemic the SAGE was the only group in Madhya Pradesh which turned out to be in the success story in all their related business sectors. 150 plus bookings in constructions during lockdown period is a record in the Industry. 1500+ admissions at #SAGEUniversity Bhopal, 5000+ admissions at #SAGEUniversity Indore, 1800+ admissions in #SIRT group Bhopal, multiple projects in power sector and the grand announcement of the #multispecialty #MySageHospital Bhopal speaks a lot in the success journey of #TheSAGE group. 
    The slogan “#SageHaiToMumkinHai” generates a spark in the hearts of all #Sageians and drives them to work with more dedication and determination making the efforts more pure and pious. 

 Dr. Smita Raj Jain, <style="text-align: right;">Prof. SIRT E