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 First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Keshav, a student of SAGE Group Bhopal. Here in this blog, I am sharing my views about The Personal, The Young Mind, The Energetic Personality, Inspiration for many of us, Our Respected Executive Director (Development) of SAGE Group Miss. Sakshi Agrawal. As we all know Miss. Sakshi Agrawal daughter of No. 1 Business Tycoon of Madhya Pradesh, our Respected CMD Sir, Er. Sanjeev Agrawal Ji. If I talk about her; the little thing I know is, she has done her Master’s from Singapore University of Management.

Now I want to share what was that I have learned acknowledging her all through my curriculum.

I would like to take you through an instance that I remember when I was in the first year of my college. At the time, there was a Grand Gala Function organized"SAGAR UTSAV 2019". That function was to be inaugurated by Sakshi ma'am.

Just before she was supposed to arrive at the auditorium, I saw my seniors and my batchmates were enjoying themselves doing all the nuisance things like playing games, taking photographs and doing all indiscipline activities which can distract the function. After ma'am arrived and inaugurated the function, it was her turn to address the audience and I found the moment she took hold of the mic, my seniors started shouting and hooting. I was really surprised and shocked by such a gesture towards our ED ma'am and I thought as ma'am was just observing them closely, I was pretty sure she might take a strict action straightaway. But when she started her speech, the way she took control of the situation was amazing. I still remember her words she said "KARO SHOR KISNE ROKA HAI, YE AGE HI ENJOY KARNE KI HAI ZINDAGI JEENE KI HAI ABHI NHI TO KAB". That was the moment when I started feeling confidence in all that I do truthfully and dedicatedly.

Whenever she used to come to college for interacting with students, she always inspired us:

Qualities that I have learned from ma'am are:

With these qualities, she has inspired us to think about an Entrepreneurial profession, where I feel all these qualities are a must. I wish and I am confident that with all these qualities that Respected Sakshi ma'am possess, she can take the Group to the next level of achievement under the guidance of Respected CMD Sir, Er.Sanjeev Agrawal Ji.

Keshav Goswami
B.Tech V Sem
SIRTS Bhopal


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