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Department of Applied Sciences
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Department of Applied Sciences

Faculty Achievements


Dr. Ritu Tiwari, Associate Professor, Applied Science Department, SIRT,BHOPAL delivered a expert lecture in Bansal hospital, Bhopal on the topic " गर्भावस्था में भावनात्मक समायोजन"on 17th September 2022.

On the occassion of Navaratri, Garba fest was organised for SGI staff. Asst. Prof. Harsha Babulkar, Faculty of Communication Skills was awarded with Best Dancer in the category of Best Dancer Faculty Female.


Anukriti Sharma, professor Applied Science SIRT, has completed IELTS certification course from the University of Queensland Australia.

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi, Professor,Sirt, Applied Science Dept. has been appointeded as a member of " IAEngg"( International Association of Engineers) .

International Journal of Research & Analytical Reviews

Dr. Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi, Professor,Sirt, Applied Science Dept. has been awarded by the board of IJRAR as "Reviewer Certificate" on being a active member of esteemed journel "International Journal of Research & Analytical Reviews".

Dr. Gurusharan Kaur, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Sciences, SIRT, Bhopal published a book on "Mathematical Modelling in Biology " by Scientific International Publishing House.


Dr. Anukriti Sharma, Asstt. Professor, SIRT,Bhopal,has filled the copyright on “ Lab Manuals- Communication English Lab” and it gets registerd as registration no. – 8679/2022-CO/L.

Dr. Anukriti Sharma, Professor, Applied Science SIRT, published a book entitled *Fundamentals of communication* by Lambert Publication.


A Copy right achieved by Dr. Deepshikha Acharya, Dr. Amrita Dwivedi and Mr. Surendra Badgurjar, on the topic "Course File of Engineering Physics", Registration No. L- 113257/ 2022.

A Copy right achieved by Dr.Preeti Sharma,, Dr.Neelu Singh, Dr. Meena Mourya,and Dr. Deepti Khare, on the topic "Course File of Engineering Chemistry", Registration No. L- 114600/ 2022.


Dr. Gurusharan Kaur has received a Patent for Effective Sampling Analysis Of Store Image On Consumer Behavior And It's Loyalty (Patent No. 1188176) from Canadian Copyright Database.This book has been designed to serve as a text for students studying science subjects such as Biotechnology, Micro-biology, Pharmacy and Environmental Science.
It’s a modest attempt to help young students to understand this fascinating subject in a systematic manner in a simple language. 

Dr. Anukriti Sharma, Professor, Applied Science SIRT, published a book entitled *Fundamentals of Communication*

  • Dr. Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi, Professor , Department of Applied Science, SIRT Bhopal, has Published an Indian Patent on the title " Method to Study Impact of Online Classroom Platform Learning and Collaboration at Teacher Education Level", Application No. : 202211042593 with Application date 25/07/2022. Publication Date: 29/07/2022.
  • ManojSharma,H.O.D of Applied Science Deptt. has selected as a member of Editorial Board for International Journal of Engineering Education Transformations (2397-1097).
  • It’s a matter of proud that Dr. Pradeep Dwivedi, Professor in Applied Science Department,
    appointed as a Editorial Board member of Pure and Applied Mathematics international journal. 
  •  MOU signed between Sagar institute of research & technology (Applied Science Dept.) and
    PROFESSIONALS) where the industry partner benefited the students by their skills and
    expertise by conducting specialized training and expert sessions in Applied Science dept.
  • “Role of Variables, Classification, Tabulation Graphical and Diagrammatic Representation of Numerical Data in Biological systems” for the publication in an Edited Book titled “ADVANCEMENT IN BIOTECHNOLOGY AND PHARMACEUTICAL MATHEMATICS”.
    ​ISBN NO:  978 – 93-91342-36-4, April- 2022
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